IGPE national food expo professional audience pre-registration

Dear exhibitors friend! Welcome your interest in this event, please fill in the information, we will serve you sincerity!

Professional audience information ( please fill in the real and effective information, so that we can provide you with services )

· 企业观众/Enterprise audience
· 个人观众/Individual audience

· 企业名称
The name of the enterprise
· 姓名
· 企业地址
Address of enterprise
· 联系手机
· 联系人员及职务
Contact personnel and position
· 地址
· 手机号码
cell phone
· 联络QQ
Contact QQ
· 办公电话
Official phone
· 联系邮箱


1.经销商/代理商distributors/agents 2.团购单位group purchase unit
3.国际贸易商International trade business 4.采购人员procurement staff
5.大型商超large business supermarket 6.行业团体industry group
7.批发市场the wholesale market 8.新闻媒体News media


1.董事长/总经理The chairman / general manager. 2.采购经理/采购专员Purchasing Manager / specialist.
3.业务经理 Business Manager 4.行业服务人员The manager of the marketing department.
5.市场部经理The manager of the marketing department. 6.其它others

四.参会目的The purpose

选择代理产品Selection of new product 寻找合作伙伴Looking for a partner.
行业观摩学习industry learning 寻求出口途径finding the exit way
寻找生产设备For production equipment 搜集市场/产品资料collect market/product information
为本行业进行服务For production equipment 购买产品Buy product
考察展会,准备参加下届展会participate in the next study exhibition, exhibition 其它others

六.您感兴趣的产品或服务the product or service you interested

面粉、大米、玉米等大宗粮食产品Flour, rice, corn and so on 有机、富硒、绿色等高端粮食产品Organic, rich selenium, green and other high-end food products
进口产品imported products. 粮油装备Grain and oil equipment.
粮食生产周边Food production aroundion 粮油装备生产周边Grain and oil production equipment surrounding
行业服务The service industry 物流 Logistics
国际贸易The international trade. 其它- others
We appreciate your cooperation, I hope you succeed in the expo