IGPE national food expo exhibitors pre-registration

Dear exhibitors friend! Welcome your interest in this event, please fill in the information, we will serve you sincerity!

一.企业信息Enterprise information

· 企业名称
The name of the enterprise
· 办公电话
Office phone
· 企业地址
Address of enterprise
· 公司传真
Company fax
· 联系人员及职务
Contact personnel and position
· 电子邮箱
· 手机号码
Cell Phone number
· 联络QQ
Contact QQ

二.企业性质The nature of enterprise

1.生产厂商/Manufacturers 2.行业团体/Industry groups.
3.大使馆/领事馆/Embassy/Consulate 4.商业服务/Business services
5.物流企业/logistics enterprises 6.科研机构/scientific research institutions.
7.中外合资/外商独资/Chinese foreign joint venture /.foreign owned. 8.其它/others

三.经营种类types of business

1.面粉、大米、玉米等大宗粮食产品Flour, rice, corn and so on. 2.进口产品Imported products.
3.有机、富硒、绿色等高端粮食产品Organic, rich selenium, green and other high-end food products 4.粮油装备Grain and oil equipment.
5.粮食生产周边Food production around. 6.粮油装备生产周边/Grain and oil equipment surrounding the production
7.行业服务/industry service 8.物流/Logistics
9.国际贸易/The service industry. 10.其它/others

四.参会目的The purpose

新品上市推广/New product market promotion. 品牌宣传/Brand publicity
寻找代理商、经销商/Looking for agents, distributors 出口产品/Export products
寻找合作商家/looking for business 产品进入商超/Make product into the super maker
链接上级单位或领导/link to the superior unit or leadership 其它/others

五.申请展位、广告、论坛及奖项To apply for booths, advertising, forum and Awards

1.大会金奖 /Gold Award 2.户外广告 /Outdoor advertising.
3.会刊广告 /Advertisement On The Journal 4.其它 /Others
· 标准展位(3x3)/Standard booth ( 3X3 ).
· 豪华展位(3x3)/Luxury booth ( 3X3 ).
· 光地(36平方米起租)/Special floor
· 发布会/推介会 /conference / Seminar

六.如何得知本届展会How do I know this exhibition

3.互联网了解/the Internet understanding 4.展商推荐/Exhibitors are recommended
5.大会官方网站/the official website of the general assembly 6.组委会电子邮件/the e-mail of the Organizing Committee.
7.媒体杂志、行业门户网站/media magazine 8.经销商推荐/The agency recommended
7.属于往届展商/the previous exhibitors 8.曾经参观过本会/Once visited us
We appreciate your cooperation, I hope you succeed in the expo